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Kolkata FF Result

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25 January 2023
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What is Kolkata Fatafat?

Kolkata FF is a game that is played in Kolkata city. A huge number of the interested people play this game in daily routine. In this article here we are going to provide the entire details about this game. So if you want to know about Kolkata Fatafat then keep reading this page and get each and every detail about it.

Kolkata FF Fatafat

Friends if you want to check out Kolkata FF Fatafat Result then this are the best portal for you. So here we will provide you all the 8 times result of Kolkata Fatafat Game. As a result you all know that this game is very popular in West Bengal state.

A huge number of the people daily play this game via online and offline modes. Earlier some years back the game was only in single mode and that was offline. But now it is available online also. So people can play it as per their personal choice.

About Kolkata FF Game

This game is played 8 times a day from Monday to Saturday. This game is also played on Sunday, but only 4 times in day. On this website here you can the latest result of Kolkata Fatafat. Also you can check the Kolkata FF Old Result.

This game provides very good facility to get earn unlimited money. That is the reason behind the huge popularity of Kolkata Fatafat game. If you want to get guessing tips of this gorgeous game then follow the below section.

Details of Kolkata FF

Kolkata Photo Fort

Here are many other famous things that are very popular in this game. Here are some beautiful examples of those things – Kolkata Photo Fort, Kolkata FF Ghosh Babu, Dada Game, Kolkata Bazi Chart, Patti List and many more too.

So you can search these keywords to get the latest result of this game. You can guess the lucky number by observing the game. On this website you can also check the old chart of Kolkata FF, it will help you guess the upcoming right number.

Kolkata FF Game Timing
1st Bazi 10:30 AM
2nd Bazi 12:00 PM
3rd Bazi 01:30 PM
4th Bazi 03:00 PM
5th Bazi 04:30 PM
6th Bazi 06:00 PM
7th Bazi 07:30 PM
8th Bazi 09:00 PM

So friends this is the table of the time details. As you can check that here are total 8 Bazi in a single working day for Kolkata FF. On Sunday you can play only for 4 Bazi. This game can also be closed at the occasion of holiday. The accurate time details have been mentioned in the above section of the page. For more information about the timing details you can read out the entire article.

Tips to Win Kolkata Fatafat

Here are numerous people on social media websites that promises to guess the exact number of the upcoming game. But they all are fraud; there is not any particular or appropriate trick that will provide the exact number.

Only the experience is the thing that will assist you to win Kolkata FF. You just have to observe day by day game and then you get idea of the upcoming number of Kolkata Fatafat game. There are many fraud people in this line, please stay away from them.

Kolkata Fatafat History

Gambling is one of the ancient past activities that was practiced by humans. There are a lot of gambling practices used to play in India. Kolkata ff is also a gambling game. It is a lottery based game which is regulate by Indian state government. In this game people gamble on a random number. This game is too much poplar and now it is played in regular routine.

Every day 8 bets of this game are played. This game is played in the city of Kolkata in the state of West Bengal. This game is the most popular of all the lottery games played in Kolkata. Kolkata ff result is declared 8 times by official’s every day.

Check Photo Fort Result

It is very easy to check the live result of Kolkata Fatafat. If you don’t know that accurate way to check the result then you may simply follow the below given instructions. Step by step guidance has been given in the below section.

Open the Kolkata Photo Fort Website.

Then check today’s date and the below section of it.

Here you will see total 8 Bazi Result.

Check Bazi Result and also share this to others.

Kolkata Fatafat FAQ’s

Here you can check the important FAQ’s list. But these are very frequently asked questions by our visitors. Therefore you can read these questions and answer for getting better information about this game.

What is Kolkata FF?

To sum up, Kolkata FF is a game of West Bengal. Here you have to predict a lucky number for each and every Bazi. Here are total 8 Bazi till Monday to Saturday and 4 Bazi on Sunday. A huge number of the people daily play this game. Anybody can play the game of Kolkata Fatafat and also can win huge prizes.

How to Play Kolkata Fatafat?

However if anybody who wants to play this game can simply visit Kolkata city and there he has to consults with the resellers of the local market. It is very easy to play and earn via the game of Kolkata Patti.

It is legal to Play Kolkata FF?

Moreover yes, it is purely legal to play this game in Kolkata city or the entire West Bengal state. You simply can visit local mediators and play this game as per your choice. You can purchase the ticket also on 10 INR.

How to Win Photo Fort?

Firstly everybody wants to win this game of Kolkata Photo Fort. But you have to follow some tips and tricks to win in the game of Kolkata FF. Read out the above given paragraph for the winning tips.

How to check Kolkata Fatafat Result?

All the visitors can easily check their result on this website (Kolkatafflive.in). Here you can also check the old month data for getting the proper knowledge of the game.

How to win Kolkata FF Game

If you want to win this game then you must have proper knowledge of the old game result chart. By analysing the old photo fort result chart you can guess that which number will come in the next Bazi. So this is the way that you have to adopt to win in this game of the Kolkata Fatafat.

Why people Play Kolkata ff?

Firstly you have to know that Kolkata ff lottery is a gamble which depends on luck of the player. Lotteries involve drawing numbers at random for prize. People play this game to win a lot of money. If anyone guesses the correct number, they will get the prize money.

Who can play Kolkata FF?

This game is played in Kolkata city only. If you want to play this game then you must belong to Kolkata. The game of Fatafat is not played or also not allowed to the entire country. So if you have to come Kolkata or you can also contact their reseller person by having your home. But it is as per your understanding regarding the game.

What is the prize for Kolkata FF?

As we all know the prize amount is depends on the invested money. So it is variable every time and depends on the participant’s invested amount. The winning money always differs from player to player.

Can I purchase more than one lottery ticket?

Moreover, anyone can purchase more than one ticket of the same draw of same time.

Ask Questions

In conclusion, these are very commonly asked questions by the visitors. But if you have your own particular question for this game then simply visit our contact us section. There you can mail us and send your message. Our team will help you very soon by giving proper answer of your question.

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